May 4 - June 4th, 2024.

2nd Generation Auditions Open!

GamerSupps Partnership

Airi X Spica Cover

See V-Dere in Burlingame, California from May 31st- June 2nd, 2024!

V-Dere at Offkai Expo!

We are V-Dere!
A US-based Vtuber group aiming to skip heartbeats worldwide!
Which route will you choose?

Learn more about this next step in virtual entertainment!


From unlikely food combinations to ridiculous situations, the hijinks these girls get up to is sure to leave your sides in stitches!


Feel your heart race with the emotional singing of our talents. Whether it be explosive vocals or gentle serenades, we boast a variety of voices.


Our ASMR specialists will fill your heart with comfort and warmth. Leave it to them to soothe the stress of your daily woes with their calming voices!


Become a part of your favorite member’s journey by cheering them on by their side every step of the way. Your oshi is counting on you!


By V-Dere on 03 May, 2024

V-Dere 2nd Generation Auditions Open!

V-Dere is looking for unique virtual content creators for their second generation of VTuber talents!

By Airi Viridis πŸ©°πŸ¦‡ on 07 April, 2024

Airi Clipper Applications

Calling all clippers! Airi is looking for editors who can help grow her YouTube channel. Keep in mind that this is a paid service, and a certain level...

By V-Dere on 19 March, 2024

Official GamerSupps Sponsorship

All the members of V-Dere are now partnered with GamerSupps! That's right, now you can get your favorite flavors like "Anime Girl Thigh" and "Guacamol...