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Fan Work Guidelines


V-Dere is extremely thankful for the effort and creativity produced by our clippers! If you are a clipper of V-Dere or a V-Dere affiliated talent, please contact us to receive official affiliation as a V-Dere clipper and opportunities to receive paid work and channel features.

Fan Merchandise

Artworks commissioned by V-Dere or its talents are prohibited for reproduction or sale. However, artworks commissioned, created by, and/or with approval from the artist to be produced as merchandise or illustrated by an individual is permitted as long as the merchandise is not advertised as officially sponsored.


Fan Artwork

V-Dere is always appreciative of the creativity and talent of the community and would love to see your fan artwork! To ensure a positive and respectful environment for everyone we ask for creators to check each talents’ artwork tags on to confirm if the talent is comfortable with NSFW and/or AI artwork. Additionally, when posting your artwork on social media please label your fan artwork with the correct tags. You can also share artwork with us directly through our contact form here.

Any questions? Get in contact with us over here.

Airi Viridis