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03 May 2024

V-Dere 2nd Generation Auditions Open!

V-Dere is looking for unique virtual content creators for their second generation of VTuber talents!

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07 Apr 2024

Airi Clipper Applications

Calling all clippers! Airi is looking for editors who can help grow her YouTube channel. Keep in mind that this is a paid service, and a certain level of professionalism is expected. Please only apply if you can clip consistently, and preferably work with Airi long-term.

19 Mar 2024

Official GamerSupps Sponsorship

All the members of V-Dere are now partnered with GamerSupps! That's right, now you can get your favorite flavors like "Anime Girl Thigh" and "Guacamole Gamer Fart 9000" for 10% using any of the girls codes~ Take your pick, and maybe even try out the girls favorites!

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09 Mar 2024

Elia Birthday Merch Drop!

A very special goose is celebrating another year around the sun! Come see what all she has to offer with her 2024 Birthday Merch drop!

01 Mar 2024

V-Dere is coming to OffKai Expo!

V-Dere is coming to OffKai Expo! They will have their very own panel this year, with an exciting game show to top it all off!

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24 Feb 2024

V-Dere x Opera GX Collaboration!

Does your browser suffer from a severe lack of anime girls? Let's change that! If you watch VTubers, you've probably heard of Opera GX, the browser for gamers! We've partnered up with them to bring you some cute Opera GX mods~

By V-Dere | 14 February, 2024 | Collabs | Continue Reading
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