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07 Apr 2024

Airi Clipper Applications

This little devil is looking for editors!

Clippers Wanted!

Calling all clippers! Airi is looking for editors who can help grow her YouTube channel. Keep in mind that this is a paid service, and a certain level of professionalism is expected. Please only apply if you can clip consistently, and preferably work with Airi long-term. Click here to apply~


  • You must be over the age of 18
  • Able to accept payment through PayPal
  • Previous experience making clips (+ Examples of your work)
  • Able to provide an agreed upon amount of clips consistently
  • Responsive and meet deadlines 

Job Description:

  • 20-60 second clips for my channel (either landscape or horizontal is fine)
  • Editing subtitles, sound effects, video effects
  • Going through my VODs to pick out segments to clip (VOD scrubbing)
  • Submit your rates in the form, and pay will be discussed if your application is accepted

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By Airi Viridis 🩰🦇 | 07 April, 2024


Mozumi Pichi